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Conklin has products for most commercial and low slope applications. With five different options of seamless coatings there is always an affordable option for you. These roofs have been proven to last for up to 31 yrs and have great elasticity to withstand expansion and contraction in even the largest roofs. This means less worries for you and allows you to focus your time and your money where it belongs, at the heart of your business!

Key features:

- seamless

- recoatable

- longevity

- elasticity

- Energy star rated

  With a roof that is manufactured on site, it is important that you can have confidence not only in the integrity of the roof material but also the integrity and ability of the person applying the roof. We are certified to apply Conklin Products and will strive to give you the best roof possible. Conklin Roofing has been the leading edge in low slope roofing for 35 years!

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