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Metal Roofing

  Our most popular metal is our premium Everlast Omni which is a 27 gauge panel and is ideal for roofing over uneven substrates such as 1x4 purlins over shingles. The heavier 27 gauge panel helps to hide imperfections in the roof underneath and at the same time giving you a longer lasting roof. (Always remember when measuring thickness in gauges with metal roofing, the lower the number, the thicker the metal!)

  If you are looking for premium metal roofing with a little more friendly price, the Everlast Lynx 28 gauge panel has the same paint and the same great features as the Omni II at a little lower cost and is still a thicker panel then most competitors. Both the Omni II and the Lynx panels are now offered with Everlast's signature Colorbond paint that has been proven to have up to 35% percent more fade and chaulk resistance. Both metal roofing panels are heatformed, which means the coilstock was heated before being sent through the roll former. This softens the paint and allows it to bend without causing microfractures that could expose your roof to the elements. Another very important feature found in both the Omni II and Traditional panels is the CECI (cut edge corrosion inhibitor) that Everlast uses to coat all edges. This means there are no cut edges exposed that could lead to rust and premature paint failure. To see a video of the heat forming process please click on the following link. Everlast Metal

  Another great feature that is available with these panels is their Matte Finish paint which gives your roof a slightly softer and less shiny look.

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